My brother, Nick, and I run our 20-acre certified organic farm just outside Nerstrand, Minn., about 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities. We're committed to producing the healthiest food possible on our omnivore food farm, while protecting our land & water for future generations.
We like the circle we're a part of...we get to work & live along side the animals and plants we raise for food for us and our community. We like that our plants provide food for our animals, just as the manure from our animals becomes fertilizer for our plants.

About Products & Animals

We pasture all our livestock (no confinement) and feed only a vegetarian ration to them, as well as the grasses/legumes in their forage & hay. Our certified organic grains come from our neighbors. 
Our dairy goats provide milk for our goat milk soap; our sheep provide us with wool for spinning, felting, knitting & crocheting; our bees provide us with honey & beeswax for candles.

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